Both SHAKESPEARE LIVE! and HISTORY OF THEATRE LIVE are aimed at students in Secondary Schools in Years 7, 8 and 9, (but can be enjoyed by bright Year 6 students or by Years 10/11 as a refresher.) Extracts are performed in full costume and are connected by lively, humorous links. Both shows feature lively, interactive elements which are enormously popular with the students.

The duration of each show is about 90 minutes but can be shortened or lengthened to suit time-table requirements. Maximum performance time is 1 hour and 40 minutes.
The shows can be booked for any time (Mon - Fri) between 9.00 am - 4.00 pm. The shows can be performed in any space - school hall, drama studio, etc. There is no limit on student numbers. The company bring screens as a backdrop and to facilitate costume changes. The cast of 4 will need about 40 minutes to set up.

Contact us by e-mail or phone 0208 883 7817 for details about dates, costs, and additional information about the shows. There is a 20% discount for any two performances on the same day.

The company would like to thank the following charities for their assistance with our tours of SHAKESPEARE LIVE! and HISTORY OF THEATRE LIVE during 2011 – 2012. Thanks to this assistance Traffic of the Stage are able to play to a wider range of schools:

The Mercers' Company • The Brian Mitchell Charitable Settlement • Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust • Thomas Cook Children’s Charity • Charles French Charitable Trust • Sir John Eastwood Foundation • Sir Pierce Lacy Charitable Trust • Premier Farnell plc • Land Securities plc • Paul Bassham Charitable Trust • Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust • Sir James Roll Charitable Trust • Coats Foundation Trust • The Hutton Foundation • The Rowlands Trust • The Calleva Foundation • The Oakdale Trust • Prudential plc • The Englefield Charitable Trust • IMI plc • The Pennon Group plc • The Coutts Charitable Trust • The HDH Wills Charitable Trust • Leopold de Rothschild Trust